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Eötvös Loránd University - Faculty of Science

Undergraduate research - TDK


President: Prof. Kálmán Medzihradszky, MHAS

Vice President: Assoc. Prof. Sándor Nagy

Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Ákos Horváth

The expression Tudományos Diákkör (shortened TDK) is the Hungarian term for the activity carried out as “Undergraduate Research”, and can also be translated as Scientific Study Circle.

The Council for Undergraduate Research (or TDK Council) supports extracurricular research activities of students by giving a framework to voluntary student–teacher partnerships established spontaneously for specific research projects. The main event of the TDK is the biannual National TDK Conference which is organized in several Sections at various institutes of higher education (i.e. universities and colleges). The annual forums of the TDK are the so-called House-Conferences which are also organized at the levels of sections and subsections. The winners of such conferences have been awarded by the Dean of the Faculty on the Eötvös Memorial Day held on or around May the 11th, every year. Some of the best lectures are also repeated there in front of a wider audience.

Our students have been regulary and effectively participating at the National TDK Conferences. Within the gradually increasing number of the participants, they gave 7% of the students, who took part in the National TDK Conferences, organized in the field of Science, in 2003, and more than 10% of the participants at the National Conference of Environmental Sciences, held in 2002. As to the largest National Sections, where our students were interested in, that is the Sections of Biology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Science (Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Physics), our students represented 25-30% of the participants, having also got a great number of awards.

TDK work is also considered when a graduate student applies for the Ph.D. School which makes it even more attractive for the best students.

The fields covered by the TDK Council at the Faculty are as follows:

Astronomy                                      Coordinator: Vera Könyves

Biology                                                                Assist. Prof. Géza Zboray

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering                     Assist. Prof. Katalin Barkács

Environmental Studies                                           Prof. Mária Szabó

Geography                                                            Assistant Balázs Nagy

Geology                                                                Res. Assistant Sándor Józsa

Geophysics                                                           Assistant Tamás Lipovics

History and Philosophy of Science                        Assist. Prof. Gábor Kutrovácz

Mathematics                                                         Assoc. Prof. Gyula Károlyi

Meteorology                                                         Assoc. Prof. Tamás Weidinger

Pedagogy and Educational Technology                  Assist. Prof. György Kriska

Physics                                                                 Assoc. Prof. Ákos Horváth


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